SIM lifecycle

The starting billing state of the profile is READY state. Upon the first data packet/ SMS being sent, the billing state turns to ACTIVE. The SIM can then be SUSPENDED or TERMINATED. Lifecycle is demonstrated below.
Users can change the billing state of their profiles by selecting 1 or more rows and clicking on the Activate/ Suspend/ Terminate icons.
A pop up confirmation modal will allow users to “force” a change as well. The platform by default always checks the current billing state before initiating a transaction with the connectivity provider and fails the transaction if the initial and requested state is the same. A “Forced Change” will push the request to the connectivity provider regardless of the initial state.
Depending on the state of the SIM profile it may be charged, see details of how different states may be charged. Charges vary depending on the SIM Profile.
SIM States
Cost description
This is an inventory state and a SIM in READY state is not charged.
SIM is automatically activated upon first successful network connection/ usage event or 6 months from SIM delivery date, whichever happens earlier.
If not Activated a SIM profile becomes Auto-Active after completion of 6 months from the date of delivery. At this point the MRC is applied. This state is not yet visible on the IOH platform, but you will receive a report at the month along with invoice.
You may change the SIM state from ACTIVE to SUSPENDED at any given time. A SIM in SUSPENDED state does not send data/SMS. If a SIM remains in suspended state for the entire duration of the month it will not incur any cost. If the SIM is moved to ACTIVE state after 6 months of SUSPENSION, there will be a one time reactivation charge of EUR 1.00. A SIM Profile can be kept in SUSPENDED state for a maximum period of 12 consecutive months, it will will automatically become active for billing if 12 months have elapsed.
You may terminate a SIM at any time. There is no charge for termination.
However, once the SIM is terminated it will never connect to the network again and will be permanently terminated from the network.