Under the Cards menu, a user can view the list of SIMs (identified by EID) & the network IMEI populated for the card and can set/unset IMEI lock.
Basic table features
  • Search: for a specific SIM by entering the EID of the SIM
  • Filtering/Sorting: the table allows filtering/sorting where applicable and resetting of the filters
  • Column selection: select the columns to be displayed
  • Pagination: select how many rows of data (profiles) should be displayed & navigate multiple pages of the cards list
  • Filter by IMEI "Locked"/"Unlocked" column
EID is a 32 digit identifier (last 20 digits are printed) to identify eUICC physical SIM (both plugin SIMs & embedded).
Network IMEI
IMEI automatically populated by connectivity provider, if available
IMEI field that user can manually set
IMEI lock
The lock/ unlock symbol indicates if the IMEI lock is set or not. The value next to it indicates the IMEI the lock is set on.