Getting Started

Here's some basics, key concepts, and step-by-step guidance to ensure a smooth start.

ConnectedYou (CY) offers IoT Connectivity Solutions that are simple, scalable and sustainable for all types of companies - startups, SMEs to large enterprises.

If you are new to the CY ecosystem, this guide should help you get running quickly.


Getting connectivity and building your IoT solutions requires a ConnectedYou SIM/eSIM; SIMs/ eSIMs can be purchased from the ConnectedYou Shop.

Order SIMs online and have them delivered to the location of your choice.

We offer a price comparison tool that allows you to identify or compare connectivity options based on coverage, pricing, etc. Browse the ConnectedYou Shop page and you will find the price comparison tool available for download.

Your order will be confirmed through ConnectedYou shop once it is placed.

Activate Your Account

In order to manage your ConnectedYou SIMs/eSIMs, you need to have an account on the IoT Orchestration Hub. Once you place the order, an account will be set up and you will receive a email notification with your account details.

Within a day of placing an order, an account will be created and you will receive an email notification with your account details granting you admin access to your account.

Once you login, you should perform the required account registration actions as detailed below - accept terms & conditions, update your Company Information and register a Payment Method.

STEP 1: Accept Terms & Conditions

At the time of first login, you will be prompted to accept the terms and conditions, after which you will be redirected to set up your password.

STEP 2: Update Company Information

ConnectedYou will send you an invoice monthly for your SIMs usage. The address provided here shall be used for invoicing purposes and should be your registered company information with a valid VAT number (Shipping address should be provided at the time of order on the shop). You can update the details at a later time if required.

  • Navigate to Account → Settings → Company Info

STEP 3: Update Payment Information

The monthly recurring invoices are automatically charged to the credit card associated with the account, so it is necessary for you to enter the payment card information. Your company information must be updated before updating the payment information.

User may add multiple cards and choose which card is to be used for payments by marking it as default.

If the credit card expires, user must update a new valid credit card into the account.

  • Navigate to Account → Settings → Payment Info

Order Fulfilment

Once you have completed the above steps, CY’s customer service team will keep you updated about the order fulfillment and send you the shipment tracking details. The order typically gets fulfilled within 5 business days once all the above steps are completed.

Setup your device

After you receive your order, insert your SIMs into your devices and configure them as follows to start using data:

  • Enable Cellular Data

  • Enable Data Roaming

  • Configure the APN correctly (see below)

Configure APN

APN (Access Point Name) can vary per connectivity provider or SIM-profile. It is important to have the right APN set up in the device in order for data to work.

  • Name: Any name you prefer

  • APN: Based on SIM-profile, see below

  • Username/Password/other: Leave blank/default

Commonly used APNs for SIM-profiles:

  • CTAXX SIMs/ SIM-profile SKUs:

  • CMGXX SIMs/ SIM-profile SKUs: data.mono

  • CTLXX SIMs/ SIM-profile SKUs: rainbow (If latency is a concern, there are more options to configure APNs closer to your deployment, read more here.)

There are multiple ways of checking what your APN should be:

IoT Orchestration Hub (IOH)

Log in to IoT Orchestration Hub (IOH) where under SIMs/eSIMs section, you can find the relevant APNs for your SIMs/SIM-profiles. We recommend using the first option in IOH (if multiple are available) when selecting the APN.

Knowledge base

We have extensive information detailing the use of APNs per SIM/SIM-profile, including regional break-out APNs to reduce latency. Refer to APN list per profile page for more details.


If you get stuck at any point reach out to us via our ticketing portal or simply write to: and we will guide you.

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