Account creation

A new account is created by ConnectedYou customer service team using users email address assigned as the admin of the account. The user will be notified of the account details by email. The admin user will also receive a link in the email to set a new password.
Once the account is created user is required to complete following steps before SIMs/ eSIMs can be shipped.
Accept terms & conditions - On first time login, user will be prompted to accept Terms & Conditions for use of connectivity services and the IOH platform. This is a mandatory step to access the account. This is only required on first time login.
Update company information - this is used to verify the company details, validate VAT number if required and all invoices for monthly recurring charges will be generated based on information provided in this section. User may update the details anytime if the situation changes.
Go to Account -> Settings -> Company Info
Update payment information - monthly recurring invoices are automatically charged to the credit card registered to the account. Therefore, it is required that user must enter/ update the payment card. Company info must be updated before entering/ updating the payment info.
User may add multiple cards and choose which card is to be used for payments by marking it as default.
If the credit card expires, user must update a new valid credit card into the account.
Go to Account -> Settings -> payment Info