Provision of Products and Services

  1. CY, either directly or through its Affiliates, agrees to provide Products and Services, executed by the Parties and referencing this Agreement.

  2. You may from time to time order a specific Product or Service from CY under this Agreement by signing the applicable Order Form(s) physically or digital ordering process offered by CY. The acceptance and signing by CY of any Order Form under this Agreement is subject to availability of necessary facilities and equipment at the time You request the Products and Services. You may request to make Purchases from Suppliers directly through the Site based on the Offers of the Suppliers.

  3. CY shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, orders and licenses which apply to CY in providing Products & Services.

  4. CY shall endeavour to maintain, or cause to be maintained, the Platform in sufficient working order to provide Products and Services to the Customer in accordance with the Agreement, subject to any Planned Interruption of Service and service problems outside of CY’s control. You understand, however, that the provisioning of Products and Services is subject to the availability of Supplier(s) facilities over which CY has no control.

Service Agreements

  1. All Offers contain terms and conditions of the Supplier in question which will govern Service Agreements concluded by a Customer and Supplier ("Supplier T&Cs"). By accepting this Agreement, You also accept the Supplier T&C’s confirming the Service Agreement to You and the Supplier.

  2. When the Purchase has been confirmed, the Supplier and You will have entered into a legally binding agreement for the Supplier's provision of the services and/or goods contained in the Offer to You. CY is not a party to the Service Agreement entered into by You and the Supplier.

  3. If You wish to enter into a Service Agreement, You must assess and are Yourself responsible for whether the Offer is sufficient, relevant and useful for Your purposes in relation to entering into the Service Agreement, hereunder but not limited to by taking into consideration the information provided by the relevant Supplier/CY.

  4. When You request a Purchase, You warrant that all information provided by You is accurate and true.

  5. Supplier T&C’s can be found in Schedule 1

Customer Management

  1. Through the Site, You may perform Customer Management of devices registered with the Site.

  2. Customer Management is performed via the Customer Management Console.

  3. Customer Management can also be performed via APIs.

  4. You may register devices with the Site as set out by CY.

  5. As part of Customer Management, You may

  • terminate existing, continuing Service Agreements and enter into new Service Agreements relating to registered devices (such as network connection subscriptions) as further decided by CY.

  • manage their devices - activation, deactivation, suspension and termination.

  • create and register groups/ tags for devices.

  • view their device consumption information and other related metrics

  • create, delete, modify the access rights of users on the Site.

  • request support for actions to be performed by CY

  • request for termination of the account

Changes to Products and Services

  1. Supplier(s) may make changes to the Products and Services offered by Supplier(s) through the CY Platform at any time.

  2. For example, for the connectivity services the coverage of countries or networks may change in the future, also the prices may change in the future.

  3. You understand and accept that CY does not have control over Supplier(s) Products and Services and changes that may happen and You will not hold CY responsible or liable for any losses You may incur due to such changes.

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