Support requests

  1. Support requested by You either for (i) any modification or addition to the Products and Services which is specific to Your requirements (except support provided during initial implementation of the Products and Services) or (ii) use of CY’s technical resources which are outside the scope of resources reasonably required for use in connection with the provision or the use of the Products and Services, will be charged at the rate of one hundred Euros (EUR 100.00) per person/hour, exclusive of accommodation and extraordinary travel expenses, as the case may be. CY shall provide You with an estimate of the costs of the service support as well as an estimate of the travel and accommodation expenses in advance for approval by You.

  2. Any support inquiries and/or complaints regarding the Products and Services must be directed at the Supplier who’s Products and Services You have selected and subscribed through this Agreement. Applicable Supplier T&Cs may or may not set out certain support arrangements to Your benefit. In case You send support inquiries and/or complaints regarding Products and Services to CY, CY will make all reasonable efforts to communicate with the Supplier and resolve the issue at best effort basis however this does not in any way attribute responsibility towards CY for resolving such support requests.

  3. Any support inquiries and/or complaints regarding the Services or functionalities of the Platform may be directed to CY's support desk.

  • CY's support desk is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • CY's support desk may be contacted by email:, or through the support ticket system if made available via the Platform.

  • CY will use reasonable efforts to answer and resolve support inquiries from You regarding the Products and Services or the Platform within a reasonable time.

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